The typical winter horror stories tend to revolve around closed roads and a broken heater. What many fail to consider is the tragedy of a collapsed roof during the coldest season of the year. Without a roof over your head, external temperatures can quickly turn a home into a freezer. Since not everyone is aware of the dangers of collapsing roofs, they can happen during the most inconvenient of times.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your roof for the snowfall to come:

1: Schedule Regular Roof Maintenance

Long before the temperatures drop call your local roofing company in Hanover so they can inspect the roof for any signs of damage. This should be done every time the season changes as the varying temperatures will affect the roofing material.

2: Repair Roofing Issues Right Away

Do not delay any roofing repair recommendations given by your trusted roofing company in Hanover. The sooner these problems are fixed, the less you have to worry about the roof collapsing in winter.

3: Remove All Debris

Hire professionals to remove any type of debris that is stuck on the roof and inside the gutters. The roof and gutter should be clear of any debris so prevent any further damage on the roofing material.

4: Trim The Trees

Aside from the heavy snow causing the collapse, another common reason for such accidents are the trees that surround the house. Heavy branches that fall will puncture the roof and cause a lot of damage. Make sure to trim all the branches to prevent this from happening to your roof all year round.

5: Remove All Stagnant Water

Rainwater that has collected in pockets of the roof or inside the gutters have to be removed before winter starts. Stagnant water will expand when it freezes causing a lot of damage to the house.

6: Rake Away Excess Snow

The average roof can only withstand a certain amount of weight before it caves in and collapses. If it is safe enough to venture outside, try to rake the snow off the roof before it starts to melt and turn into ice, which is heavier and harder to remove than snow.

7: Monitor Other Roofs

Since it is risky to venture up the roof during winter without professional equipment, just look outside. Note how much snow has piled up on the roof of your neighbors and determine whether it is time to call professional snow removers to handle the situation.

8: Insulate The Attic

A poorly insulated attic will release the heat from the home causing the snow on the roof to melt and turn into ice. Prevent this from happening by properly insulating the attic to ensure the temperature difference does not cause excessive roofing material wear and tear.

9: Call Professionals For Help

Never attempt to clean, remove snow, or do repairs on your roof during the winter because it is very dangerous. Instead, call the roofing professionals in your area to get the issues fixed as soon as possible.

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