The food at your wedding can make or break your wedding. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, then you might have to consider your York PA catering very carefully. A lot of things must be put into thought since everything’s going to be outside. To help you make the best choices, here are 3 things that you should think about when getting catering for your outdoor wedding.

Know That the Caterer Isn’t Your Planner

You shouldn’t make the mistake of putting too many expectations on your wedding caterer. Whilst they may be able to do some things to adjust their catering services if you have an outdoor wedding, they can’t do everything for you. For instance, if your outdoor wedding will have lots of greenery around, you can’t expect the caterers to find tons of ways to avoid getting leaves and such into the food while the guests are eating.

Make sure that your planner is the one who would figure out the situation with the food. For instance, your caterer could have a buffet style offered in your wedding that has covers over the food to keep it from getting cold or dirty from debris. However, they can’t be expected to go above and beyond for other instances.

Make Sure They Consider the Season

Whilst you should be able to get some say in what you want to have in the menu, think about what your caterer’s opinion would be as well. Experienced York PA catering will know what kind of food will suit the crowd and ambiance. For instance, you may want to have a hearty onion soup with lots of cheese in it. However, your caterer may suggest a lighter, more refreshing soup since your wedding would be in the summer.

The wedding caterer may also find ways to implement the wedding’s style and theme into the menu. If you are having an outdoor garden wedding, they might add a delicious garden salad along with other bright, light foods to choose from. For a spring day, there may be lots of delicious fruit shakes and other similar foods to match the mood and season. They should also offer foods that are in season to make sure that they are at their freshest, therefore ensuring more quality ingredients.

The Food Preparation and Serving

Since the wedding will be outdoors, you have to think about how and where the food will be prepared. Obviously, you may not want to have the entire staff to be seen cooking noisily nearby the wedding. Make sure that there is an area for the staff and cooks to prepare the food cleanly and efficiently without disturbing your guests.

Make sure that they know how to efficiently get the food to your guests as well. You might have servers from the catering to bring the food directly to the guests. Or you could have your guests get the food from a table with servers.

To make the most out of your garden wedding and the food, make sure you put extra thought on the three things above.

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