Catering for any event is a big deal and comes with a big price tag. When you hire catering it can be as simple as the food or it can be the entire package meaning decorations and food complete in the package. What you get depends on both what you want and what company you hire to cater to the area. If you just want the food then it is fairly simple as you can search what catering companies are in the area. After having a list then you can narrow the list by reviews found online and then by the portfolio of the catering companies depending on what kind of event that you are having and what the catering company is used to doing. By getting someone with excellent reviews and experience in your type of event you are sure to get the best Austin catering around.

Considerations for Catering

But you will surely still have some catering companies on the list to pick from so it then comes down to price, your budget, and how many people that you are having at the event. Some catering companies require you to buy for a larger number of people and if you have only thirty people or so you may not meet the minimum need. That is why when you are planning and trying to hire a company you need to know how many people are actually going to be at the event in the first place.

The next rule of thumb is to always plan a little extra so that if someone does come last minute that you were not planning on then you are fine and you do have enough food to still feed everyone without a problem. Most people plan for about ten people more than what they had been told were going to be there depending on the type of event and the number of people that they had even invited.

Planning Ahead

After knowing how many people will be at the event and you have the budget set for yourself then you really should meet with a few of the catering companies you were looking at. Because you are meeting with Austin Catering you will have the chance to sit down and allow them to show you the packages and choices that they offer. By having a veggie and a meat choice you will have your bases covered and most of the time they will have something that is even friendly for children if there will be any coming to the event.

Having basic but really good food is the key because that way you know that the guests there will eat the food whether or not they are picky and everyone can find something. What you don’t want is too many options because then you run into not having enough of one and too much of something that people just ended up not liking and not wanting to have.

Making a Decision

After meeting with the catering companies you should have a good idea of which company not only will do the best job but will fit into your budget. At the point that you know which company you want to go ahead and call reserving them for the date and the food that you wanted to get through them so that they already know what they are doing. On the day of the event, they will most likely call to make sure that they can get into the area and set up early but other than that everything will be taken care of allowing you to sit back and enjoy the event.