How to make a pina coladas with lentils

This pina caldo recipe is so delicious and easy to make.

You can use lentils for the filling, or just use the green beans to make it.

Lentils are a very filling, protein rich and delicious vegetable.

Lentil is very high in protein, so you don’t have to worry about it being a high protein dish.

This pino chilis recipe is one of the easiest recipes to make, too.

It’s a great alternative to traditional chili recipes, which often have beans, potatoes or some other vegetable in the middle of the dish.

The flavors of lentils are very subtle and very unique.

For this recipe, you will need to prepare the lentils as you would a salad.

Then, use them to make pina chilidas.

You’ll get the flavors of the beans and the pina that look like the green leaves on the caldo.

You may also like to add chopped onions or garlic to the pino caldo to make an additional flavor boost.