When I had my first biscuit recipe, it was delicious

I remember having to wait two hours to get my first bite of biscuits, and I had to make the first batch myself.

I was on the verge of tears.

It was one of those rare moments where my imagination was running wild.

The biscuit itself was so delicious.

A quick and easy recipe that came together in just three minutes.

Then the rest of my family and I started to make biscuits.

We were so busy with our jobs and school work that we weren’t able to get a chance to really enjoy the biscuits, so we just got to sit there and eat them.

You could literally see the biscuit being made.

Now I have the recipe for my first batch.

“It’s amazing” said one of my favourite things about my first taste.

When I had the biscuits, I thought they were so delicious I didn’t even think of what I was making.

But I loved them so much.

They were delicious and they were quick to make.

After my first few bites, I had a lot of biscuits left over and wanted to make more.

At the time, I was already craving a biscuit.

So I thought I’d make a batch of my own.

My first batch was delicious, but not quite what I had in mind.

As I made my second batch, I noticed the biscuits were looking quite a bit smaller and less crunchy.

That’s when I started thinking, what if I just used my biscuit to make a doughnut?

So, I just put a biscut on top of the doughnut dough and let it rise.

There’s nothing fancy about that.

And it worked perfectly.

In the end, my first doughnut was so good that it was even more popular than the first biscut.

Biscuit doughnut recipe “My biscuit doughnuts are the best biscuits I have ever made.

They are so light and fluffy.

These are just the right amount of crunch for my family to love them.”