What you need to know about Taco Bell’s new menu item, “Taco”

The menu item “Tacos” is a new addition to Taco Bells “Dinner” menu.

It comes in three different sizes: the small taco, medium taco and large taco.

It is similar to the smaller “Pizza” item, which comes in a small, medium and large size.

Taco Bell says the new menu option is “not a Taco Bell exclusive” but the product has been in the works for a few years.

According to a statement from the company, the product was originally created for a special event that Taco Bell did at the end of 2016.

Taco will begin offering “TACOS” at the beginning of 2019, the statement said.

The “Taques” item comes in four different sizes, the smallest is the standard “Tuna” size.

It features a taco shell, which is hollowed out to resemble a tuna.

The smaller size taco shell can hold four to six tacos.

The medium and the large sizes can hold 12 to 18 tacos.

There are four options for the larger “T-bone” size, which includes a T-bone steak, a large “Tent” steak, two small tacos and a large T-Bone steak.

It can hold three to five tacos.

Taco has been expanding its offerings since 2017, when it introduced the “Pizzas” menu item.

It said it was looking to expand into the food and beverage category.

The company also recently announced it was adding a “Tayra” service to its menu.

The service allows customers to order the same “Taviar” or “Takari” tacos that they order at Taco Bell.

“Taya” is made of ground beef and has a similar flavor to a beef brisket.

Taco is the largest restaurant chain in the world, and is owned by San Antonio-based ConAgra Foods.

The restaurant has about 4,000 restaurants worldwide.