How to make keto stir fry recipes for a family of four, including keto chicken, beef and turkey, here

A keto chicken stir fry is one of my favourite meals.

Its low-carb and low-glycemic, it’s low-fat, it has a great sauce, a side of shredded carrots and an incredible taste.

So when my husband and I were looking for ways to make some tasty keto recipes for our family of 4, we couldn’t pass up on this recipe.

The recipe calls for a whole chicken breast (1.5kg), but you could easily make one of these as a whole bird or whole chicken thigh if you prefer.

We also love to serve it with some of our other keto dishes like kimchi or avocado sauce.

We’ve also made a keto meatless chicken with kimchee, so you can have a meal that is keto, but also vegan.

Read on to find out more about this keto protein chicken stir-fry recipe.

1.5 kg whole chicken leg (1lb)