The world’s oldest fish

Scientists have discovered the oldest known species of Atlantic cod.

The fish is about 5.5 million years old and is the first ever to live in the tropics.

The researchers said the fish was an ancestor of modern Atlantic cod, and they found the new species in Brazil.

New species found in Brazil The scientists say the new fish, named A. saccarosa, was one of three newly discovered species of the cod, along with the other two.

The oldest fish, the researchers said, is also an ancestor to modern Atlantic Cod.

The scientists said the newly discovered fish was the first to live near the Atlantic Ocean in the past 5.3 million years.

The scientists described the new discovery in the journal PLOS ONE.

They said that the species was “a close relative of modern cod” because the fossil was discovered in a sedimentary rock, where it had lived since about 6 million years ago.

“This new species is an ancestor or descendant of modern fish that was present in the Atlantic, and is therefore one of the oldest fish ever found,” the authors said in a statement.

“The new fish was found in the northeastern Brazilian state of Goiás, near the Cerrado River, and was collected from the surface by an expedition that explored the area in 2013.”

It is likely that it was accidentally collected as part of an expedition to the Cervantes Basin,” the researchers added.

It is the only known cod to survive in the Amazon basin.

Scientists said the cod had a large skull and an extremely long neck, and had a tail that was twice the length of its body.

Scientists believe the fish originated in the Andes and then migrated to the Amazon, where they were hunted for their flesh.

The researchers said it was a good bet that the cod was the same fish that had been collected from Cervante Basin, which was a well-known spot for fish hunting.

The researchers found a number of other fish fossils in the area, but they had not previously identified them.

A number of fish species were found in other areas of the Brazilian Amazon, including those from the Andean region.