Why we shred our chicken, and why we do it wrong

By now, we’ve all heard the advice about shredding your chicken. 

But we might not have fully understood what’s happening when we do. 

This week, New Scientist magazine interviewed five experts about what they do when they shred chicken. 

 What you need to know about chicken shredding:What you can do with chicken that’s already been shredded, and what it looks like. 

What you should avoid when you do shred chicken, including why some recipes work better than others. 

How to do chicken shredging properly, and how to shred your own chicken.

Why you should shred your chicken and why it’s not the way you think it is.

How to cook chicken with the help of our expert chef, Emily Kneeland, and our expert butcher, Sam Baran. 

You can listen to the full interview on New Scientist’s podcast, The Science of Food.