‘Slightly weird’ cornbread with a twist

It’s one of the most popular breakfast items at Southern Comfort, a breakfast spot on Washington’s Upper West Side.

The owners say they can’t resist a good cornbread.

And that’s exactly what they did when they made this Southern Cornbread.

With all the hot, crispy cornbread, a slice of bacon, and some crispy bacon bits, this is one Southern Cornbiest.

The bacon bits are topped with diced tomatoes, sweet onion, and a drizzle of a sauce called ketchup.

This Southern CornBiest is best enjoyed with a cold beverage of your choice.

Southern Corn, which also offers a full menu of cornbreads, breakfast sandwiches, and desserts, will be open through Sunday, March 31.

To make this Southern cornbread at home, you’ll need to buy an entire bundle of the same ingredients.

The recipe is a little different than Southern Comfort’s.

You’ll need a can of chicken, but don’t worry, you can use chicken stock or chicken stock-flavored cornbread instead.

Instead, the ingredients in this Southern Comfort recipe are chicken stock, butter, eggs, breadcrumbs, and cornmeal.

You can also make this recipe using any kind of breakfast food.

You just need to decide on the flavor and use a little more cornbread batter than Southern Corn.

You may also want to try this recipe for a breakfast meal.

And, of course, the best part about this Southern Crossbread is the bacon bits.

The bits are fried and topped with onions, tomatoes, and sweet onion.

You know how I love bacon bits on a hot breakfast.

But if you don’t have any bacon bits left over from last night’s breakfast, you might want to add some bacon bits to this Southern crossbread.

For more Southern Cross recipes, see: Southern Comfort: The Best Cornbread in America recipe.

Southern Comfort has also posted a video on YouTube with all the ingredients and cooking steps.

The video includes the instructions to make the Southern Corn Biscuit, a classic Southern Corn Bread that includes bacon, sweet onions, and tomatoes.

I hope you enjoy this SouthernCrossbread.